The Journey of ‘A Pixie’

It all started with hair down to my toosh, messy buns and tangling up in my own hair from tossing and turning at night. I then decided, it’s time! I chopped 11 inches off my hair and donated it to Pantene.

Long nights resulted in the CUT!

1317FB1D-A9A2-4EA0-979D-C8312AF49430 TOTAL MOM-DO RIGHT?!

From that point, I was insatiable! I visited the salon monthly, whether I needed it or not! Each time, my hair got shorter and shorter after becoming obsessed with ‘pixies’ and ‘Whippy Cake.’
If you don’t know her, GET to know her! Her You Tube videos are great!
Another hair inspirations for me was Jen Schmierer, and if you have done your time on Pinterest, surely you have come across her amazing hair!

IMG_0010 This was me before my Pixie Plunge -_-

So, after talking with my ‘trusted’ hair dresser… she allowed me to take the Pixie Plunge after a whole lot of ‘talkin’ into’… which after the 30 minute razor frenzy on my hair… I soon felt a huge amount of regret! I felt like she gave me ‘old lady’ hair or on the other side, ‘Justin Bieber’ hair…  When I walked into my house, the hubs said, ‘whoa’ and that about it. It was most definitely NOT what “we” were expecting.

Old Fashioned Right— Totally not spunky funky cool like I was expecting!

THANK GOODNESS, I sucked it up… found some product to put the hair in place and rocked what I was left with until I could find a fix!

Take this as a note: Make sure your hair dresser IS a ‘pixie-er’ — I LOVED all my other cuts from my hairdresser, but where I’m from, pixies aren’t in high demand… so my ‘Bieber’ Do was understandable…

IMG_0161^^^^^ Helmet Head Right???

I managed my Bieber with curls, tucking hair behind my ears, headbands and a whole lot of pep talks for the next 4 weeks.
(Another tip: Do some makeup research, and try something new- I started wearing fun lipstick  and eye liner when I took the plunge, and even now that I’m growing out. It makes the grow out process more spunky and fun)!

After giving my hair a 4 week recoup I  then took the 5 hour drive to Hair Do Salon in Mesa, Arizona and met the wonderful Rachel who has legendary hands and has cut the infamous Whippy Cake’s beautiful do! So I sat in the chair, knowing I was in trusted hands! — (if you don’t feel this trust- bail).
Look Rachel up, she’s amazing –
And Hair Do Salon– Their work is fab! –


After a LONG 4 weeks this was my pixie Fix
Unlike my first cut… where it was 100% Razor
This cut was only razored on the back wet.
Then BB Primer was added along with BB Texture- then blow dried.
As Rachel said: A cut is not ‘finished’ until it has been dry cut!
It was thinned out (like a lot to get rid of the Bieber)
Around my ears was cut out- (which it wasn’t before) and shaped beautiful!

IMG_0429 I was IN LOVE with my PIXIE!

It was incredibly easy, unlike before. I was all for the pixie staying for life— but just couldn’t fathom having to drive the 5 Hours for a haircut every 4 weeks!

^Cute Right?!

I receive an INCREDIBLE amount of compliments on my cut. All credit goes to Rachel. She really saw eye-2-eye with me on what I wanted!
As time went on I got better with styling, which made the pixie even MORE fun! I watched a whole lot of “Whippy” tutorials! – You should too!


Whip gives GREAT advice for PRODUCTS!

Some of the products I LOVE and use even now that I’m growing out are:
Bumble and Bumble Primer, KMS Messing Creme, KMS Play Dirty Spray Wax,  Powder Play Texture, and Big and Sexy Hair Play Spray!

If you are experiencing dry hair… I recommend ALWAYS using a primer and trying Bed Head Spoil Me after you blow dry, when your hair is still warm. You can even add a dab of Argan/Morocan Oil to your warm hair.
(Just to your ends, you don’t want your roots to be oily!)

Another 4 weeks passed, and this was my second Pixie Fix!

I can’t seem to find NICE Photos from the day of the cut!
So goofy Faux Hawk is what cha get!

My front was starting to get long, so I was thinking, maybe I’ll continue to let the front grow, then it will be easier to fall into an A-Line Bob when I decide to grow out!
On days where I struggled… A Pomp was my ‘go to hair-do’

IMG_0903 Fun Right! =)IMG_0943And sometimes, I wouldn’t wash my hair for a few days… and I would get awesome texture like this…

My hair WANTS to be thick… so within about 3 weeks this is what my hair looks like!

At this point… I was almost sure I wanted to grow out, because it as like my hair was saying… ‘just leave me alone an let me thicken up!’

But… I won- I cut it again! Pixies are just so cute!

^ And so I played with a faux hawk- and then ^ it fell!
Too Long!
(.. but Whippy Cake does have an awesome tutorial for long pixie Faux Hawks! It requires a WHOLE lot of product, but most do!)

It’s news NOW that…I have not had a hair cut in almost 7 weeks… Because I am holding strong and on the hard journey of a “grow out“– I am on a mission to MAKE IT look much easier than it seems! And honestly, it hasn’t been TOO bad!
You just have to do your homework, be creative and don’t give up!
Accept that there WILL be bad hair days,
but even with long hair… we deal with those too! So hang in there!

The last few weeks have been tough… but I discovered… Emily Anderson Styling and she has been a God Sent! Check her out on Insta!

I have recreated a few of her looks by watching her on YouTube!

This is a dutch braid.
Dirty hair is best, or you can play dirty with KMS: Messing Cream
Braid by twisting UNDER.
Secure with a plastic band, then stretch braid starting at the top of braid.
Continue downward to get the bohemian style braid.
Secure with a bobby pin under hair.

Who says Pixie Girls can’t have Braids??

IMG_1776 Cute Right–
All I did was:
Style as usual.
Separate my hair into 3 sections, twist one section while pushing forward to get lift and secure with a bobby pin. Press down and inward toward face to have long lasting hold and keep lift! I added Spray wax and finished with hair spray!

If you struggle to braid… then twist!
You just get 2 pieces of hair, and twist.
Add to each piece after each twist!

^^^ This day was frustrating- but it all worked out…

I was extremely frustrated styling my hair this day… but I stopped what I was doing, put some makeup on- which always helps… and started over!

I flipped my hair to the opposite side and a new beauty was revealed!
It looks so much longer when flipped to the opposite side!
I added some curls using the straightener (but feel free to use a curling iron)…
Tucked the other side behind my ear…
Finished with spray wax and hair spray- and viola!

*** TIP: if you spray hair with DRY WAX first then Hairspray…
It will allow for an ALL day- FLEXIBLE hold. 

Unlike hairspray which has hair memory, Dry wax DOES NOT.
It is a pliable hold! And when you add hairspray, it is even more flexible!
So try this! — I hope it helps on a day of struggle!

Hair Memory*
(once you hairspray, the hair is stiff and stays in place, but if you comb through it or run your fingers through it, the hold breaks and is no longer in place)..

At this point in my grow out (6 week)… I am experiencing MULLET and POOF!
I do not like EITHER!!!

Oh and I got the bottom of my hair trimmed!
I fear the mullet!

Thinning Shears were used, then the bottom was wet and razored!
This gives a soft undercut! — to avoid MULLET POOF -_-

This is where I am at NOW at almost 8 weeks!!

This hair do was also inspired by Emily Anderson!

It is super easy and takes less than 5 Minutes with SLEPT ON hair!

Simply add Spray Wax to sections
Use the straightener to tame and add lift- add a curl or two!
Add some powder play for lift/texture
Then finish with some hair spray! 
I tuck the other side behind my ear!
…So you can’t see the ‘EAR GROWOUT’

I can wear this style for 2-3 days without washing!

Just use spray wax, and tame with the iron!

Ear Grow Out is tough, but I am managing with this ^^^^^^^^
easy hair style, bandanas and scarfs!

Wear Makeup- it makes us feel less “boyish” during our grow out!
Experiment with colors!
Accentuate your eyes, eyebrows and lips!
Those are my favorite!

Find a Photo to keep your goal in mind… 


I plan on keeping the nape of my neck short until I reach this length
(without the ear cut)
At this point, I will let the undercut grow and eventually I will be out of pixie territory..
And into A Line Bob Territory!! Sounds pretty easy right?!

Meanwhile- I do a coconut hair mask 1x a week
-Melt a spoon full of coconut oil in the microwave for 10 seconds
-Apply to hair starting at the scalp
-Massage down into ends
-Cover with a shower cap (or plastic bag)
-Surf the web or do whatever you want for the next 30 minutes!

*** Important Step***
Do not wet with water
1st lather with shampoo
Keep lathering!
-Then rinse!
*If you wet it with water first… it makes the oil SO much harder to rinse out!
-If needed, lather one more time!
-No need for conditioner this time around.. it will be soft and wonderful without!

Find a healthy balance!

Take Biotin!
I take 10,000 mcg of Biotin Daily


I continue to stay inspired by venturing on Pinterest and Instagram!

I hope all you Pixie Growers do too!

Follow me on Instagram: ezmialove

Much Love… Ezmia

I’ll update more as my hair keeps a-growin!


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